Our current production facility is over 8000 square meters in area. Within our facility, we use a mixture of equipment mostly sourced from Germany, USA, Japan and Taiwan so that we can meet European and North American tolerances. Equipment include vertical plastics injection machines, Macromelt (Technomelt) molding machines, crimping presses with real-time force monitoring, optical profile projectors, milli-ohm meters, computerized wire-harness testers, and soldering robots.
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Japanese two-axis soldering robot.
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The fully automatic wire processing machine.
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State-of-the-art Macromelt (Technomelt;
thermoplastic polyamide hot-melt) injection
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Precision terminal crimping with real-time
monitoring of crimp quality.
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Manual soldering is necessary for much of
our work. Juscom works to IPC/WHMA-A-620
Class 3 standards.
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Overmolding of a connector using a
vertical plastics injection machine.
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Automatic tape winding machine.
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Wire-harnesses are tested as they are built
using computerized wire-harness assembly