Top of the Line Manufacturing Facilities | Juscom INC


Our production facility is over 8000 square meters in area. Production and back-office operations are housed in a three level building that is fully air-conditioned to maintain temperature and humidity levels suited for IATF 16949 quality requirements.

To discourage hierarchy, we have no private offices. Instead, all non-production staff (our support staff) work in airy, open plan areas. This encourages interaction and communication, breaking down the stove-pipes between functional groups.


Open-plan work areas facilitate
communication and reduce hierarchy.


We use a mixture of equipment mostly sourced from Germany, USA, Japan and Taiwan so that we can meet European and North American tolerances.

A partial list of equipment used at
Juscom, Inc. includes:

  • Plastics injection machines
  • Technomelt injection machines
  • Laser engravers
  • Pad (tampo) printing machines
  • Crimping presses with real-time force monitoring
  • Computer assisted optical profile projectors
  • Computerized 2.5D optical metrology systems
  • Precision automated ultrasonic welders
  • Milliohm meters and crimp profile inspection systems
  • Automated high-voltage testers
  • Computerized wire-harness testers
  • Cartesian soldering robots