Example Products

The products we make are diverse because the industries our customers operate in are diverse. There is, however, one common characteristic of all the products we make—it is that failures in the field have large cost or life-safety implications. Pictures on these pages demonstrate some of Juscom's manufacturing capabilities; they are not for sale.
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All the products we manufacture for use in the automotive industry are used in applications where there are large quality cost or life-safety implications should failure occur.
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Commercial and Residential

We manufacture several products that are used in commercial or residential settings. Failure in these settings would result in water damage, high warranty and service costs, and lost of customer confidence.
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We make a wide variety of cable harnesses that are used in lower volume industrial settings with high quality/safety requirements.
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You would probably never see the products we make for our telecommunications customers. However, there is a very, very high probability that your telephone calls made in North America and Europe pass through our products!
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