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Final Assembly Services

The final assembly work that we do is somewhat similar to the retail packaged products described elsewhere. The major difference being that packaging is typically much reduced since final customers will not see it.

In final assembly, we might make some or all the subassemblies, or we might source them from customer designated suppliers. On arrival in our factory, we test the subassemblies based on customer requirements, perform electromechanical assembly, then do final testing and packaging, before shipping out the product to customers.

Since all our work is done under non-disclosure agreements, we may only indicate the scope of our work in this area. Some of the products we make include an extremely sophisticated monitoring system that use multiple radios to send status back to a central location. These systems function in extremely harsh marine environments, and are used globally.

Final assembly is no different from the typical production process, where reduction of variance is a primary goal. So it should be no surprise that we use the same quality culture and production line discipline developed for the automotive sector when we execute this work.


Finished final assemblies ready for packaging and shipment.