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Juscom maintains a broad range of capabilities to meet wide ranging customer requirements. The common element across all our capabilities is process control. Experience has repeatedly shown that labor-intensive assembly work introduces the most variance into the manufacturing process, so we take special care to control our entire manufacturing chain with internal standards that typically exceed IPC/WHMA-A-620 Class 3, and ISO/TS 16949 standards.

We value integrity in personal and business life. Nondisclosure agreements in place prevent us from showing most products, therefore we can only give a broad outline of our capabilities here.

Wire and Cable Harnesses

Wire-harnesses like human's circulatory and nervous systems, transporting energy and data from place to place. Because of their importance, we adhere to and actually exceed IPC/WHMA-A-620B Class 3 standards for all work, even when the customer is not using the harness in safety-critical applications.

Examples of where we exceed IPC/WHMA-A-620B standards include our monitoring of crimp quality. Each crimp is monitored in real-time as it is formed, the force profile used to accept or reject the crimp. Crimp samples are also periodically cross-sectioned to ensure the profile conforms to best-practice standards. Periodic pull-force and cross-section measurements---indicators of crimp quality---are also taken as part of our quality control process.

Final Assembly Services

Many customers use us for final assembly services, where we assemble, test, and package products for consumer sales.

Final assembly is no different from the typical production process, where reduction of variance is a primary goal. So it should be no surprise that we use the same quality culture and production line discipline developed for the automotive sector when we perform final assembly.

The fully assembled products we produce on behalf of customers are sold around the USA in nationwide retail chains.

Project Management and Sourcing

We provide complete sourcing and manufacturing project management for several customers, and can do so for you. Companies who ask for this service typically want to focus on their product development, marketing, and distribution. They just want a reliable, trustworthy single-point source for their product; one that will not turn around to betray or take advantage of them in the future.

Please contact us for help, we will of course sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to guarantee your confidentiality.

Retail-Packaged Products

We manufacture and package products for retail sale. This requires attention to detail and an understanding of color control, and may require the marking of batch numbers and other information on individual products. The last requirement in particular requires that we be able to purchase and produce in large batch sizes, but eventually move to track individual items on the assembly line.

PCBA Encapsulation and Sealing

Low-pressure molding using Henkel Corporation's Macromelt (or Technomelt) is really the only solution when one or more of the following is required:
  • Low pressure, low viscosity injection to encapsulate parts and components that might be damaged by injection using conventional plastics.
  • High physical adhesion to substrates, to provide excellent fluid resistance.
  • High corrosion resistance to typical automotive fluids such as engine oil and brake fluid.
  • High impact resistance.

We are one of the world's largest non-captive low-pressure molding facilities, and have process experience across a wide range of products.

Custom Connectors

Every company has its beginnings. In our case, we began as a connector manufacturer. The experience of working with customers to understand application requirements and then realize designs using intricate tooling prepared us for the demanding work that we do now, on behalf of customers.

As we have grown, we been careful not to abandon our roots nor lose our core skills. Our experience in high-precision connectors benefits even the customer who has less precise non-connector products.

To this day, our customers still rely on us to help fulfill their specialized and general-purpose connector and terminal needs.