PCBA Encapsulation & Sealing | Juscom INC

PCBA Assembly, Encapsulation & Sealing

Low-pressure molding using Henkel Corporation's Macromelt (or Technomelt) is really the only solution if you need any of the following:

  • Protection from the environment
  • High physical adhesion to substrates
  • Resistance to corrosive automotive fluids such as engine oil and brake fluid
  • Vibration and/or impact resistance
  • Precision gas, liquid, and particulate seals with complex shapes

Juscom, Inc. is one of the world's largest non-captive low-pressure molding facilities. We have extensive material and process experience across a wide range of products including automotive seals and grommets, commercial and retail sensors, aerial and automotive wire-harnesses.


Using polyamides to encapsulate PCBs allows for precision shapes and seals to be formed as part of the process.