Commercial and Residential Products

There are a surprising number of commercial and residential products that require very high reliability. For example, failure of the drain pan under a washing machine, or of the valves on a spigot would result in very severe water damage. Customers entrust us to make quality sensitive products like these, but also audit us regularly to reassure themselves of our stringent management and quality processes.

Sensing Probes

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Choice of materials can have significant cost impacts, so we work closely with customers to understand their needs and objectives, and can provide suggestions based on our extensive experience. An example of this is the probe at the right, for use in a low-cost application. Because of the cost-sensitivity and volume of material involved, thermoplastic polyamide adhesives were out of the question. Instead, a more traditional engineered thermoplastic elastomer was used instead.

Electronic Sensors

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Since the water sensor to the right had waterproofing and complex PCBA encapsulation requirements, we had to use a thermoplastic polyamide adhesive. However, a simple encapsulation approach would have resulted in very high product costs due to the volume of material used. Instead, a combination of polycarbonate on one side, and Technomelt on the other was used, cutting costs substantially.