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Every company has its beginnings. In our case, we began as a connector manufacturer. Our 20 plus years of experience working with customers to translate their application requirements into finalized designs via intricate tooling methods has prepared us for the demanding work that we do today.

We’ve grown, but still stay true to our roots. The core skills required to manufacture high-precision connectors for customers across diverse industries also benefits those with less precise non-connector product needs. Trust Juscom to determine the best solution for your unique needs.

Your product design may dictate that connectors must be custom, and therefore, full-automation is unlikely-the lower volume makes it cost-prohibitive to use machines. However, the specifications including size, as these are small parts still require precision and repeatability.

When process control is paramount, look no further than Juscom. We engage in
IATF 16949 controlled electromechanical assembly work for multiple applications, always considering the critical requirements for your project:

As electronic products shrink in size, space considerations are a must when choosing the right connector.

What type of performance requirements does the end-product demand?

What temperatures, liquids, and other external environmental factors will your product encounter?

How often is your product used? How durable does the connector material need to be?

We maintain broad capabilities to meet wide-ranging custom connector requirements. We’ll work with you to provide the most cost-effective solution for small to large quantities. Contact us today for a free consultation or to request a quote!

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