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The increasing complexity and decreasing size of today’s electronics necessitated a new method of assembling electronics components. While PCB Assembly is necessary for products where durability is key, for multi-functional designs that require a smaller, lighter footprint, surface mount assembly is the answer.

Juscom only works with
IATF 16949 certified SMT assembly partners who consult with our clients on design to implementation, ensuring the product meets exacting specifications.

SMT assembly makes better use of space by soldering components onto the circuit board. The process is faster, less expensive, and easier to scale up or down depending on volume needs.

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As a highly-automated, machine-centric process, SMT assembly results in fewer defects and variations.

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With lines running 24/7/365, we can shift jobs according to our partners’ availability, enabling our customers to adjust volume as needed.

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While it isn’t appropriate for every product, SMT assembly is fast, reliable, and scalable. These are all factors that reduce labor costs.

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It is much easier to source components for designs utilizing SMT assembly.

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