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Germany is home to several of the most recognizable and revered luxury automakers. Known for impeccable workmanship and performance, German automakers insist on the same from their partners-top tier manufacturers like Juscom.

Juscom aimed high right from inception, developing automotive grade wire harnesses for discerning automakers. Wire harnesses are to automobiles like the human circulatory and nervous systems are to a body: both transport energy and data from place to place. Similar to a human, errors and faults in wire harnesses can result in severe degradation or even complete failure of system.

Since nearly half of all wire harness problems can be traced directly to poor workmanship, Juscom strictly adheres to
IPC/WHMA-A-620B Class 3 standards the only acceptable class for products where safety and performance-on-demand are critical.

Many customers don’t require Class 3 quality. But Juscom believes that a single quality standard and culture reduces confusion and mistakes. We only work to Class 3 standards for wire harnesses and beyond, regardless of product, industry or customer.

One example of where we exceed this standard is in monitoring our crimp quality:

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Each crimp is monitored in real-time as it is formed, the force profile used to accept or reject the crimp.

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Crimp samples are periodically cross-sectioned to ensure the profile conforms to best-practice standards.

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Periodic pull-force and cross-section measurements-indicators of crimp quality-are taken as part of our quality control process.

A mission-critical harness was experiencing field failures. Juscom designed a replacement harness that completely resulted in zero field failures.

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