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Dampness, dirt, and dust-common causes of defective printed circuit boards (PCBs). Furthermore, the temperature and pressure of traditional conventional injection molding materials are too harsh for PCBs, adding to their manufacturing complexity.

Did you know that Juscom has one of the world’s largest non-captive low-pressure molding (LPM) facilities?
LPM uses polyamide or polyolefin
hot melt adhesives these materials won’t damage sensitive circuit board assemblies and also protects them against damaging elements.

We have extensive material and process experience across a wide range of products including automotive seals and grommets, commercial and retail sensors, and aerial and automotive wire harnesses.

Our low-pressure molding facilities use TECHNOMELT from Henkel Corporation, the premier alternatives to other encapsulating processes and conventional plastic housing. Benefits include:

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Shields PCBs from harmful effects of the environment, resists corrosion automative fluids (such as engine oil and break fluid) and resists vibration and outside impact.

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Provides high physical adhesion to substrates and works with intricate gas, liquid, and particulate seals with complex shapes.

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Offers short cycle time, which reduces both manufacturing times and cleaning requirements.

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Henkel is a one-part material that requires no mixing or curing, minimizing material consumption and waste.

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