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The only way to accurately measure the quality of our suppliers’ output is through a statistically significant testing methodology known as Acceptance Quality Limited (AQL) sampling. Originating in the U.S. military during World War II and now the underlying premise of ISO 2859-1, AQL helps Juscom decide to accept or reject incoming components, depending on how many items are defective during inspection. In short, AQL provides a precise, objective method of quantifying quality.

AQL methodology tells us how many units of the supplier batch we’ll need to pull for inspection, and the number of defective units permitted before we have to cancel the entire batch. In order to make these calculations, we need to know the batch size (number of same units in the product order), inspection level, and AQL limits.

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In line with our zero-defect, single quality culture, we insist on high AQLs (0.15 and 0.25 inspection levels) for all of our vendors and suppliers regardless of customer, industry, or product.

While these quality assurance measures are labor-intensive, adhering to a one high standard helps us vet our suppliers, minimize mistakes and garner trust with our customers.

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By utilizing high AQLs for all incoming shipments, Juscom ensures that every accepted component is of the highest quality.

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Our single quality culture demands consistency across the entire product realization process, including inspections.

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Good quality costs less than cheaper, lower quality components once the costs of remediation, potential loss of business, and customer confidence are considered.

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By adhering to high quality assurance standards, our customers know that we’ll protect their reputation and bottom line.

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