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A highly backed US-based start-up was in the process of developing specialized surveying equipment that would save their clients hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars on major surveying project scopes. The software, hardware, and accompanying data suite developed by the company is highly advanced and built on a principle of precision, requiring that the hardware be steady, resistant to varying environmental factors, and able to withstand potential use error. The casing and components were mission-critical-where a single component costing a dollar would cause field failures cost tens of resounds of dollars.

  • Inexperience. The company had multiple iterations with product development companies inexperienced in manufacturing wiring harnesses. There was also of familiarity regarding what is possible with encapsulated PCBs and moldable seals.

  • Low-quality components. The use of low-cost, off-the-shelf wiring solution created instability and breakage in product design.

  • Poor planning. Late stage development and contract manufacturing involvement meant strict scope of work and limited alterations to product design.

  • High-cost production. Small batch custom contract manufacturing with higher price per piece.

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Juscom’s highly experienced team took the product specifications and field requirements and were immediately able to offer a solution.

We designed a custom wire harness and custom shaped encapsulation with an integral grommet molded from specialty, automotive grade material that would be formed into any shape. The new design completely eliminated vibration sensitivity and dust/moisture intrusion issues.

Despite-late-stage development, we were able to incorporate newly designed internal components, allowing for small-batch production and testing to begin.

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